Al Mubarak Foundation

About Us

Al Mubarak Radio is a community project managed by Al Mubarak Foundation.

Al Mubarak Foundation was founded in Batley, Yorkshire. It was created to support the needy across the world and provide humanitarian assistance.

Working alongside communities and charities to spread the true charitable teaching of Islam, spreading love and peace whilst reaching out to those most in need. Providing meals and aid to thousands around the globe whilst managing homeless projects within the United Kingdom.

This was a vision set out by our late brother Umar Faruk Dhorat who over a decade ago began this project from his home conservatory all by himself. He began by starting a community radio station which grew in popularity over the years. With the support of his kind community he was then able to relocate to a dedicated office and studio where the operation expanded.

It was 2015 when our late brother travelled initially to Bengal where he founded an initiative to dedicate long term project commitments to this geographic region. Helping the needy, feeding orphans, supporting widows and assisting those most vulnerable. Establishing a team to continue to the relief work throughout the year, work now continues on a daily basis.

Sadly, Umar Faruk Dhorat passed away on 4th March 2018, but his legacy continues with his dear friend Sarfaraz Laher who inherited the responsibility to oversee the foundation.

We ask Allah to accept this noble cause on behalf of Umar Faruk and may many around the world continue to benefit.